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Yeah..., does it show? LOL. Spent a little time on nuclear subs and I've changed out a few more bearings than I care to remember, so when that sucker started squeeeeeeeeeling at me I had in mind to do the same thing. The construction of the motor actually makes that just too much of a pain. The frame is not that bad but it is the fact that the shaft was heated and the two squirel cages were pressed on. Getting those off and requires doing same but I don't have the low heat oven and all that crap to do it with. Well it really isn't a low heat oven. It is a coil that the assembly sits in and hysteresis (switching magnetic field direction machine) is used to heat up the shaft without causing the plastic to melt. Anyway I digress, I squirted some P blaster on the bearings and hoped it was last the winter. It didn't and I had to get' er' dun during the last short "heatwave" we had here in Chicago. Ahhh sweat silence. At least until my fan exploded at somewhere above 5 grand. New hood this spring, them damn dimples in it are just plain ugly, new rad hoses, new powersteering hoses, new rad, new MAF, new filter housing. If this ain't a reason to go electric fan I don't know what is. I am still coming across pieces of fan blade.
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