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it is not accessible throught the dash. Take off the engine cover, remove the rubber hood seal from the bulkhead, and take the two nuts off the water resz. Take a set of needle nose pliers and carefully pull the three clips from the heater manifold cover on the drivers side of the fire wall. Remove the remaining plastic nuts from the plastic cover. They hold on the wire cover and a few other items. You may also have a screw in there on the drivers side that can be gotten to with a long phillips. Once all the nuts re off, oh yeah, you might want to disconnect the battery too because you are close to that nice little positive bat post. Pull the plastic cover off the firewall and you will see...., another cover. It is held in place with "very small spring clips along the bottom and will come out if you pull down a bit to clear the upper lip. Now comes the fun part. There is a stap that holds the motor in place. For this you will place a small screwdriver or any other tool that will roughly fit the whole that is in the middle of the round part of the tab. I don't recommend that you just pull on it as getting the strap back in place on the top and bottom is a beast. Once you've done all this, pull the motor out of its cradle being careful to guide off the two wires that connect to the motor. Don't worry about how they fit as there is only one way to install the wires back on as you will soon notice. Reverse the procedure to put it back in and you should be all set. With the motor out you can see the back of the coil and all the rest of the goodies we BMW owners have stuff in our cars. Enjoy.
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