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Originally Posted by Antiburn View Post
Its your pcv valve which is causing that train whistle noise, also the reason your blowing smoke, all that oil vapor is getting burnt. Dealership will change you 6+ hrs labor to remove intake and repalce pcv valve. If you want to do it yourself a 97 v8 has drive by cable, so theres no unpluging the throttel, theres alot of cables and hoses that you have to remove.

Parts might run you about 100$. While your intake is off its a good time to replace your valley pan and water pump, since they both tend to leak and fail down the road.

Also with all those codes im sure they are all missfire faults or fuel trim faults which is unmetered air leaks. Once the pcv is replaced clear them and they shouldnt come back unless something else is also wrong. With all the oil your blowing I know its cloging up your catalitic converters causing premature failure, and they go for $1700 per cat.
codes were for the 02 sensors so that part is ok. And I think your on the right track with the pcv valve. Icouldnt think of anything that would put that much vacume in the crankcase. I will leave a note after I replace the pcv valve. Thanks for the imput!!
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