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Originally Posted by Numark318i View Post
dude. fuck that.

you cant look at porn on your own laptop? that sucks.

as for the it to yourself and burn it at school on the library computers?

It's one of those things where they're like damn you must have cheated because you didn't turn it in while I was watching you. Never mind the whole honor code thing or the fact that files show when they were last edited. And adult content is not that big of a deal. I just threw that in there (most porn isn't really blocked but car wallpapers are??). Anyway this is a teacher that everyone, not only students but staff too, do not like. At least he's not pulling a dick move like he said he would if this would happen. Originally he said he'd just fail you if you weren't able to burn it. Eh the main reason I'm upset is because it's all so stupid. I didn't bring my laptop home with me because it was pointless, and since I didn't bring it home I couldn't email him the file over break. Which doesn't really matter because he doesn't check email anyway (took until yesterday to reply to my original reply stating my circumstances). I just got really pissed off yesterday because I'd send him an email, he'd read the first sentence and then ask me a question that was answered in the first email. I don't know it's almost taken care of just I hate paying for a computer I can't even use when I go home. Not to mention the almost certain chance that it will die out at sea because it hasn't had a defrag... ever. Kind of need it for sea projects. I'm probably going to partition it to have *Academy network friendly windows* and *windows that works*. Next year they wont have so many problems with the computers for the people coming in because they wont be forcing software on to a computer that has something already on it causing unexpected results. Whatever this is minor compared to everything else I just felt the need to bitch about it last night.

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