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Originally Posted by denyo77 View Post

that car is sad proof that some people still don't appreciate the e30 M3s
the owner of the car is a mechanic at a BMW dealer about 30 miles away
I see him regularly on the roads
some time ago I saw his car parked at the dealership employee lot, and I had a look at it. It's the worst maintained M3 I've seen yet. The car inside is littered with trash and tons of cigarette buds, there's ash in every corner, dash is cracked, the leather seats are torn.. the outside looks about as bad
the passenger side mirror has no glass in it, the exhaust is rusty...
everytime I see this guy I want to punch him in the face
I think that she may need rescued

Not that I promote stealing a car. Especially an e30 m3...

But seriously you should take her from him.
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