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Your Ride: 2001 E39
E39, 2001 build year with vibration problems

this has been a bad year for me so far.....but anyways to the detail

I have a vibration problem with my 535i build year 2001 (E39). Only occurs when i'm driving at dead on 80kmh +/- 3 kmh. main vibration is coming through the central console when i lean my leg against the side wall. ballanced the wheels and it got worse now i can feel it through the steering. tried changing the wheels "i have currently snow tires on" to summer wheels and it's still it shouldnt be the wheels or ballancing of the wheels...BMW cant find the problem as everything is solid under the car...doesnt seem like the bearings either.......anyone had the same problem ??

interestingly inthe past one and a half years i've had the breaks replaced, stearing system replaced due to fatigue issues.......

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