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Alright the throw overboard is more of a joke. The main thing is the fact that we can't force anyone off our property both on land and on a ship. And the law about shooting someone that's trespassing I meant more along the lines like they're robbing you, harming your family, carrying their own gun. My point was how crazy some laws are. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to shoot some one just for being near my house. They might be lost or some neighbor I don't know. Even if I owned a gun I wouldn't kill the person more like shoot them in the leg or something if they don't leave after being warned/questioned. I never said shoot first ask questions later either. As for my point with stowaways. We get in trouble if a stowaway gets caught coming into another port, and we get in trouble for removing them at the original port. So we get to wait (this is from people that have experienced this) two weeks for that government to finally come get the person off the ship. Mean while BMW and Apple and all the other companies are asking for their money back because we're not getting the shipment to them. Now can you see the dump off at some random island? It's pretty frustrating. Time for class I will continue this later!!!

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