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Originally Posted by Exilion View Post
+1. Also if more time was spent looking into the person before accepting them into college might help. Perhaps not admitting people simply because they can easily afford to attend the college isnt the best idea. Also a better support center would help. Yes you can't stop crazy people from being crazy but maybe we could do a better job at identifying them and possibly helping them. And if you want to get people to stop freaking out over not getting allowance just throw them into the military (or a foreign country) for a few years. They'll realize that little things aren't that important. I don't know but I honestly don't know how allot of my classmates from high school are going to survive after their parent's no longer support them.

Anyway yes making guns illegal doesn't change anything and every one going to school armed doesn't help either. Maybe some emergency drills would help and quite possibly less news coverage of it. Hell if I was crazy I knew that every major news network would put my story on tv I'd probably do it (not crazy so don't worry). Anyway point is many factors and its so rare that it's not cost effective to address it.
most kids who shoot up colleges do not attend that college. The guy in Illinois did not go to college there, he graduated allready, and the guy that shot up the amish school didn't ever go there either. colleges are just great targets.

It does happen rarely, but it's frequency is drastically increasing.
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