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Why would take away llegally registeres guns, if you can register a gun that means that you are not crazy and you won't do anything like shoot up a school. I don't think the government can do anything about guns. All of those illegal guns are doing good, because most of the people that have them are gangsters, drug dealers and they are killing other gangsters and drug dealers, so the crime rate will go down soon. But you can't take murder away totally. people will find other ways to kill each other. That dude that shot up the school,the kids at columbine, and the dude at virgina tech, were crazy were not treated by the schools and colleges. I was watch the news and they said that the guy from virginia tech went to the guidance department to work out his problems, but they turned him away because they were busy, so he got pushed to the limit and went crazy and decided to shoot up the school. All of the school shootings were caused by helping the people with the problems. We shouldn't ban guns. We should just listen to peoples problems when they are sharing them, that's it. If that happened then none of this bullshit would ever happen.
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