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Originally Posted by denyo77 View Post
if guns were banned, there wouldn't be firearms involved in road rage
back in Detroit when I did drivers ed our instructor told us of a girl he knew who couldn't do sideway parking. So one day she was downtown and had to do parallel parking, and she was terribly slow, so a long line of cars were waiting behind her. Then a guy with a pickup truck pulled up to her and shot her through the windshield
I dunno if she survived
but here in Germany, there are REALLY few crimes involved with firearms, compared to the US

Prohibition is not a solution. It didnt work with drugs, alchohol, it didnt work with internet porn. If you have a lower crime rate where you live then you may have less of a need to arm yourself, however, it does not mean that criminals in your country or state are not armed. I am not out looking for trouble but as a previous poster stated. Shit happens, you can live with the circumstances or be in a position to define your own circumstances.
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