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Originally Posted by cainchapman View Post
Shit happens, live with it.
Why would I choose to let a whack job be in control of the circumstances of my life if I have the right and means to stop him with a firearm? I will not live with it, I will die trying to stop it. Maybe I have been in the military too long but when everyone else is running from the danger, I will be the one holding my ground. I truly believe that people are programmed for either fight or flight instinctively and I am not much of a runner.

It is unfortunate that this guy did this in the school, it is unfortunate that the only option those students had were to run for their life.

Best news story of the year in the states is the volunteer female security guard at New Life Church in Colorado that stood her ground when everyone else had no option but to run and put holes in a nutso that shot up two churches in two days.
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