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i was "easy" on bimmer guys, c4 is c4, doesn't matter audi 100 or a6 its the same body, first it was 100 then with newer headlights and other little stuff it became a6, the body never changed till c5 came out. c4 s4 or s6 are the same cars just different years, almost identical, sedan was mostly s4 and avant was s6, at least i see it like this judging by quantity on the road and for sale.
But was it 2.2T or 2.7T , both cars are very easy to tune and just with chip relflash or soldered can be very quick
Originally Posted by OldSchoolAudiGuy View Post
no, no, no.

In the US:

1992-1994 S4 2.2 turbo (C4 chassis = based on 100)
1995 & 1995.5 S6 2.2 turbo (C4 chassis = based on A6)
2000-2002 S4 2.7 biturbo (B5 chassis = based on A4)
2004-2005 S4 4.2 V8 (B6 chassis = based on A4)
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