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540i BPU Questions...

I should have titled this thread "after the Search" LOL.

I'm a new member and got my '97 540I about a year ago. I'd like to do some BPUs to the car with some specific goals in mind. These are:

-reasonable expense
-nothing that would hurt the car or be overly difficult to return to stock
-not be throwing codes or affect the DD-ability of the car
-nothing "ricey" ( and I have a ricemobile in the garage)
-things to improve fun and driveability as well as tasteful cosmetic mods.
I know a lot of the above goals are very subjective .

I've looked for a power primer/upgrade path write-up all over the web and haven't come up with anything..but common things have floated out. this is what I (think) I want to do:


Air intake

Q's are should one go for a CAI or do the so called "airbox horn delete" ??

I'm really looking for an improvement in sound as well; some say the stock set-up is not overly restrictive.


Q's are can you remove the silencer and put on a magnaflow or some other aftermarket muffler without affecting torque or damaging the engine(ie going too lean etc) again looking for a better sound without sounding cheap or like a tractor...

Engine management

Is there a way to retune the ECU to accept these changes or is the effect negligable?


-ordered lights form Habbie:

clear led tails, clear sidemarkers,6K HID foglight kit, Depo p39s with 6k lows and 6.5k angel eyes

Don't want to lower the car since it's a DD (winter) and need the clearance.


-interested in the "clutch dampening valve delete mod "a lot of 5 owners seem to do..will this mod get rid of the small delay or clunk that happens when I let off on the clutch?

Lots of questions; I debated having separate threads.

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