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So what's your take on the Super Bowl?

now that we have some time to read this and that.... sup?

i think it was a great game. it's the battle of the will and heart. both teams played well and the Giants just showed they wanted it more.... with a sprinkle of luck.

i think it was VERY rude of the pat's coach to run off the field with 1 second left. ok, he's pissed and embarrased but what kind of message that give out to kids about being sportsman like?

i can tell you now, it was utter insanity here in NYC. i'm glad i don't work down at Wall street anymore (actually, i don't work at all! ha!). i would be one pissed off commuter with a bunch of crazy fans and faker bandwagon spectators.

oh, Brady couldn't throw long even if the whole team was down field.

one thing i learned about this super bowl: Boston folks are REALLY bad a losing... especially to NY i guess. i got a truck load of excuses and even more shit talking about the Giants after the loss. seriously.... wtf? pats lost, done. don't say you're sad they lost to a worse them then the pats because, guess what? they didn't. if they did, they would have won and they didn't. STFU Boston!
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