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Originally Posted by NavyL7 View Post
I came across a couple of kids in a red, riced-out WRX. We rode side-by-side for a min., then I heard the fart can roar so I nailed it too. He got the jump on me & pulled out a bit.....about front bumper to rear.
We had to hit the skidz because of a red light. Side-by-side, the light turns green. I pulled on him (thank god for 5 speed & new centerforce clutch) and just walked away. I had the roof open & windows down so all I could hear is the fart machine fading into the distance.
I thought WRX's were fast?!? So, now I'm wondering if it was a cloned legacy or the guy just can't drive the piece of rice crap. I expected to get my ass handed to me.

328iS, centerforce clutch (bram new), stainless headers with factory exhaust (headers on factory exhaust?........I don't know why........ I bought it like that), K&N, that's it
The WRX is a slow car. The WRX STI is where you start to see power and competition. The WRXs' I used to beat in my previous car day in and out. I most certainly feel with some mods that my 325IS could easily hang or dominate (peniding mods and such of the other car).
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