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Originally Posted by denyo77 View Post
I don't like Macs
also Germans (the only country in the world left doing this) prefer gaming on PCs over consoles, and you can't really game on Macs.

I might consider a Macbook one day, but not a desktop.
Actually, I like Sony Vaios a lot
Actually with Boot camp you can run windows with leopard. Or you can dual boot, or you could simply delete the mac os and run windows on a mac machine. Frankly if I buy a new computer I'll probably get a Mac if it's a laptop. Up to this point I made the argument that I couldn't run AutoCad or PC games on a mac but with the transition to intel chips that basically blew all those excuses away. And now that I have less free time I don't think I'll be building a new computer on my own anytime soon. So this leaves me with only a few choices as far as manufactured computers go. Simply put Dell's annoy the shit out of me, because they only work ok after you delete all the trial software on them. And I just dont like the look of Alienware or other computers. Basically I just feel like it's to much of a hassle to pay for something that will be outdated in 2 years and be replaced by a product thats much more inefficient and requires me to turn off more automatic settings. There's nothing technically wrong with any other computer it's just a matter of preference at this point. I got issued a Dell latitude d620 here at the academy. It's an ok computer and my only complaint is that it's a little misleading in it's performance. It's only fast when there are no programs or drivers installed on the computer and guess what, Dept of Transportation loaded it up with security programs and took away my admin rights. So Basically I don't like dells for no particular reason other than I think they use cheap components so that they can say they have them. (A dual core processor can't handle opening My Computer and firefox??) Anyway sorry for stealing the thread there. Just explaining why so many people probably switched to mac.

Damn I must be bored... Tell me how the projector hookup worked out.

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