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Originally Posted by DEATH2000 View Post
WoW is like cocaine or heroin. Youll get addicted so fast. Im not saying its a bad game cause its really good. But its so addicting ull basicly lose all outside social interests, not to mention ur friends. Although ull probably make new ones (that all play WoW as well).....
That is the truth. I played WOW when I was a Jr. in college. I only played 1/2 a year because my life was being consumed by WOW. "Really good" is excellent verbage and realistic point of view. I would concur 100% with the above statement. That's also the semester that I got 2 C's and 2 D's. I would get on at 9pm and not leave until the server shut down at 6am....7 days a week. I lost track of time and just got carried away. Adicted to WOW...been there, done that.
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