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Originally Posted by nick_318is View Post
Welcome back! What does your job as an industrial engineer entail? I would suggest going for a car on the lower end of the price spectrum to save your other cash, but that said do what you like. Buy an e30!
My job as an IE is basically a coordinator. I make schedules, to different departments, make sure departments are communication to each other so that we all are on one page...manufacturing, management, etc.
I also relate status and how to make things better, more improved processes.

Celsdogg- Yeah, I know what you mean, I just like to get people's personal opinions.
I can't wait either.

Amanda-I'm glad to see your face around here again too! I'm ready to hear that you now own an e36 M3!

Paul-Thanks! Yeah, maybe I will have to buy yours...I know you take good care of your baby...and I LOVE Black! We'll have to see! Sent you a PM.

Denyo-Yeah, I know all about the e46 M3.
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