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1 Series? Haven't driven one. Anyone drive one??....throw your 2 cents on how they drive. I'd have to drive it to find out, but right now, not quite sure.

Thanks Numark318! I graduated with a degree in Business Administration: Concentration Finance. Now working as an Industrial Engineer! I love it!

Snow? We've seen snow flurries in the city, but nothing sticks or stays too long. Warms up to 40-45 and everything is gone. Plus, it rains and melts all the snow. I love Seattle!

Craig, Destroyer of the it! I'm glad I got out of Kansas. Seattle is AWESOME!

Celsdogg, e60 at the bottom? The 550i is hawt! Plus, being auto/SMG, my gf can drive it. Queen Anne hill is steep, a manual would be hard, unless you stick it in 2nd and push on. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for your input.

Denyo....Why not M3? If I were to do an M3, it would have to be a late e46, SMG. Yeah, I should put that in the list too. Yeah, 4 seats is nice if I have friends or all want to go out to dinner. That's why I was shooting for an e39 or e60, but I'm young and should have a sports car. What better sports car other than an M qualifies? Nothing Mercedes interests me, Not the G35/G37, Not the Z....probably a Z06, but that would be about it. Just my personal thoughts.

Anywho...Glad to be back at UB! Long live the Bimmers!!!
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