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BMWLotAttendant is Baaack!

Hey Hey Hey!!!

How in the world is everybody doing????

Just as an update.....

I graduated college from Wichita State University (Go Shockers!!!) in May of 2007. I applied mainly in the Pacific NW (because I lived there for 10 years) and wanted to get back to the area, plus I got re-acquainted with an elementary school friend who is now my gf.

I got a job in Seattle, Washington and now live in Queen Anne.

I'm saving and thinking which will be my 1st BMW? What do YOU think I should get? I've got several realistic ideas in mind but haven't narrowed it down quite yet because I'm still saving.
Here is the top picks in no particular order:

1. e39 2003 540i Sport (Auto)...just like my sig. @ $30K
2. e39 2003 M5 @ $40K
3. e60 2005/2006 550i Auto/SMG. Sport, Premium, and Cold Weather @ $40K-$45K
I want an 08 550i Sport, but those are like @$60K-$70K used. Too high.
4. e63/e64 2004-2005 645i @ $35-$40K
I would like an 06 650i but those are @ $50K
5. e65 2003-2004 760Li, V12 Luxury baby! @ $40K-$45K

I can't wait to get through all the threads to see what everybody has been up to!!!

And....somebody please help me think of a new title!

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