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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
what if it's one of those HD or non-volitile memory cams?
mmaybe, but the "shake and drop" effects of the footage closely resemble digital tape. i believe there are no current solid state memory that can hold 60-90min of footage for cameras. i could be wrong though.

**SPOILER: if no one knows, do investigate cloverfield online. there is a phenomenal back story (true from the studios/director) being surfaced. Like Rob was going to work for a Jap company that built an oil rig in the atlantic ocean which was not near any oil well as the exact spot where the creature surfaced. This ties in with the oil tanker that was shown in the film that sank. This company was also in charge of Slusho, a very addictive beverage with a special ingredient.

In the final shot of the film at coney island, a satellite crashed and sank into the ocean...supposedly owned by this japanese company.

Anyways, theres TONS more factual information!
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