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this is just too funny!

i just read this on BF.C, but b/c i probably shouldnt refer all traffic over there, i will post the thread title and original post

the thread title reads:
First time sharing, Ricers need not read.

the OP

Ive been a fan of this site for years now, just never joined. But this past weekend Something happened that I had to share. I was on RT. 114 in Portsmouth RI. I come up to that light near Dunkin Donuts. I pull in to get a coffee and notice a few punk chump ass teenagers all standing around their silly little ricer hondas. As I drive by them they all stare at me. Then I look in my rear view and see on of the kids aggresivly grabbing his package and dry humping. After that I get up to the speaker and order 4 hot Large Coffees. I pay and get them, loop around and blast 3 of the 4 coffees at the kids and their cars and rip outta there. As you can imagine, they didn't like that. So they all got in their cars and came after me. One kid was in what looked like to be a 96-99 civic hatch. He came up to me at the light and started yelling about racing. So we did. Let me tell you, that thing screwed. Must have been turboed. So at the next light he rolled down his window to rub it in my face. I took one last sip of my Large Coconut extra extra and Bombed it right in his eyes. I hate Ricers.


hers a link to the thread

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I keep forgetting that - I have a great memory but it doesn't last long

CRS disease = Can't Remeber Shit
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