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Originally Posted by 215BIMMER View Post
all e36's came with the mounting posts for headrests. they are in the metal shelf underneath the parcel shelf. just pull out the windshield and the posts will be exposed. you would need to purchase the clips that slide into the posts to anchor the headrest stems. then on the underside of the parcel shelf you'll see that there are templates for holes. you need to cut these out and actually make them a bit bigger than they show. then you purchase the finisher pieces that go on top of the parcel shelf. if you're planning on adding them i can pm you the part numbers, approximate cost, and more detailed instructions on how i did it

probably not, but just a question, when you say all e36, does that include two door? usually a two door rear-headrest would be kinda pointless

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I keep forgetting that - I have a great memory but it doesn't last long

CRS disease = Can't Remeber Shit
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