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I had a CJ7 that was a little rusty, a bit beat up, but ran like a was stolen 30 days after I bought it, at a Christmas Parade of all things! I saw the guy who sold my wifes Acura TL to us, gave him the story and he said they just got a 323i sedan in and could treat me right.

I didn't have much experience with Bimmers at the time, kind of thought they were overrated (sorry) until I was at a Susan G Komen Breast Cancer drive. My wife sat shotgun in an 06' 745i. Part of the run was on the Interstate, we made it to 80 within a few seconds, then a Camaro wanted to run us. He was a redneck version something that could have been cool. We both nailed it at 80...and as my wife began our shit eating grins from ear to ear, I started to realize just what the slogan meant, "The Ultimate Driving Machine" indeed. Needless to say, the Camaro was a spec in the rearview when I let off the throttle.

I had to sell my 323 to get wood floors (thank you Harley-my Golden Retriever), and now, with the move to Texas, I am hoping to trade the Acura in for another Bimmer. Perhaps one with 6 gears!
Semper Fi
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