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test drove a Volvo C30

so i like to test drive cars. imsure the dealers hate people like me...cause i am no where near wanting to buy another car.

anyway, lets start with looks.....the rear looks like a ford pinto. enough said.

so..outisde of the funcky rear styling i like the car overall. It has a quirky out of the box styling look to it.

It has an inline 5 cylinder with a turbo, which volvo is known for. Good motor.
I got to test a 5 speed. Take it out to some straights behind the dealerships. Car has very good acceleration. Pulls with a refined pulled, not the rough pul turbos usually cause. No torque steer. Which to me is amazing. Cant stand FWD cars that have torque steer. (IE our Saab)

Felt pretty tight on the road, not to much roll. Steering response was good. Brakes were good for not being broken in yet.
It didnt feel like a car you would want to mash. It has an interesting power band, that give you power when you need it, but doesnt over do it. More of a cruising car.

interior...meh. The center console looks like a remote. Interesting styling. No leather unless you $1200, and you still get plastic door panels. Meh.

Dash is easy on the eyes. Nothing spectacular.

No blind spots i could find. Which is surprising.

Prices go from around 25k-to almost 40k i think with all the options. 30k would be about what you would pay with a good number of options. Volvo is doing something similar to Mini, making the car very customizable.

I guess thats it, not the best car ever made, but not bad. The price is..a little high, I think you pay more for the name then you do for the actual product. I personally wouldn't buy one because of the quirky styling in the rear. Other wise...not half bad.
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