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I'm in Illesheim which you probably have never heard of (about 2 hrs east of Heidelberg). I've stayed at Vogelweh and Ramstein lodging a few times so I'm familiar with the K-town area. Good to hear you guys have a decent Auto Craft as ours is filthy with a poor selection of tools. The picture was taken in Udari, Kuwait. We launched the fleet into Iraq on that particular morning. We fly out of Balad (Anaconda) but one of our mission sets take us up around Speicher.

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I'm in Heidelberg until June '08 and then I go to K-Town We have a decently sized group of guys that hang around here on the weekends at the Auto Craft shop and we all have E30's. One of the guys has a 325i with full M3 suspension and has a M30(735i) engine that is coming out to be replaced by a E36 M3 engine pretty soon. How far are you from H-Berg and is that pic in FOB Speicher?
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