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My time has come

So this morning my buddy calls me, i get distracted from my driving. I hang up the phone. Passed a MB cause he was going 30. GUess i gave it a little too much gas. Was going 50 in a 35...and of course i get pulled over. Bah.

Pulled into a gas station, backed my car into a spot(i actually made the cop back up so that i could get into a spot backwards) get my paperwork.

I tell him license and registration right? He says yes. I give him the stuff. Asks me where im headed. Tell him class. He writes me a ticket, tells me i was going 50 in a 35. Shows my radar. and im done.

all in less then 5 minutes.


oh well i guess it was time for a ticket, my driving was getting faster and faster, it was a good check. Luckily i can do driving school. ticket will be $110, driving school $150. might go to court, just to show up, cause they will usually give you a break on the ticket amount.

And im done.
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