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Your Ride: 1997 BMW Z3
Smile Love At First Sight

I was always a car nut but i really didn't understand the fact that cars drove in distinct ways until i was 15 when i got my learners permit. I learned to drive on my mom's ML320 (Not the best drive), so I turned 16 last year february and my dad had connections being an auto dealer to get me a BMW at a good deal.

My favorite BMW ever has been the E46 so I asked for one of those, luckily I got the car of my dreams A 2000 Light Ghelb Metallic (Gold) E46 323i. So to answer the question what made me a BMW addict was the elegance of the design, where they do not have to use cheap gimmicks like accenting everything with chrome to appeal to people, or how the Inline 6 sounds amazing at high RPMs, and Last the feeling you get sitting behind the wheel and having the roundel staring right back at you. 7 years and people still think my car is only a couple years old. pure timeless design.

Just to give a little of information on the type of person I am, I am into design and plan on going into Transportation Design at Art Center, though I will never go for Form over Function.
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