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Your Ride: 1993 325iC
I had bought a new 325 hp V6 Hyundai Sonata and within 3 months time I had almost 13,000 miles on it. I was shocked and knew it would be an "old" car within the first year at that rate, so I started thinking about selling it and getting something that I could put alot of miles on and work on myself. I talked to my cousin about it and he, being the proud first owner of a 96 328i sedan in mint condition, suggested a BMW. I knew that an e36 was more electronics than I wanted to mess with, so an e30 fit the bill nicely. I lucked out on Craigslist. Found a 93 325iC that only had 87k on it (in 2006) and that had been well taken care of with all records. And the cabrio was perfect for exploring the Texas Hill Country. The forums and local BMWCCA chapter have been great resources and have me hooked. This e30 should last a long time (I am knocking on wood) and it won't be my last BMW!

Dodging the tumbleweeds...and roadrunners...and coyotes...but not the rattlesnakes.
1993 325iC Pure stock, uh, except for the MOMO Cobra shift knob.
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