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Your Ride: 1985 bmw 325
i started out with vw fixing them up with my dad and selling them for a small or no gain .then we came across a 79 528i and rebuilt the motor it was a nice car but it was a auto .so it dint intrest me much .then we came across the car that started it all for me a 1986 325es coupe standard trans we got it for 600 dollars out of some guys yard .we ended up putting 6 new injectors driveline and in tank fuel pump and new brakes and rotors .this car i would say is the best car ever made the second i started driving it i knew no other car could match up .sence then we have bought a 92 325i sedan a 86 528i and another e30 85 325e .im hoping to get the 85 to drive and preforme like the 86 .the e36 is nice but like the guy said earlier there is somthing about the e30 that makes it second to none . to the e30
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