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"So my buddies were out on a run last night," what's that supposed to mean, a euphemism for doing idiotic things out on the public roadways? This tale isn't so much a testimony to a car's crashworthiness (gee, I gonna buy a nice expensive car so when I smash it up I can tell people how well it holds up in a crash) as it is to immaturity, recklessness, and stupidity. Sure, government mandated safety features probably did much to help this guy survive the mess he got himself into, but a slight change in the variables could have changed the outcome all too easily; there's just the smashed up body of what used to be a nice car right now, rather than someone else's body being carted off in an ambulance. Once the bumps and bruises are tended to, the police should apply the appropriate motor vehicle violations to this guy, as well as to all the others involved in this lunacy.
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