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Well, things didn't go as planned. The cylinder is bent up inside and useless. My remote locking still works so it's not pressing. I just like everything to work (and look) the way they should... I'm just going to buy a new cylinder when I have some extra cash burning a hole in my pocket and write a proper DIY then. In the mean time, I found a Google cache of the Door Cylinder Repair article so I'll cut and paste it below. It doesn't have photos though...
I'm going to post some pics I took, but unfortunately I forgot to take a few key photos which really detracts from the usefulness of posting, but what the heck.
If anything I can at least identify the "C" clip.

My lock after being violated:

The "C" Clip (after the cylinder was removed):

This piece goes against the door panel, the cylinder through it, then secured with the "C" Clip:

To disassemble the lock, you must remove this pin - I used a hammer and a small nail. I cut the pointed tip off because I didn't want to jam it in the pin's hole.

The rest of the pics I took are here (they're not great):

I'm not sure if I can repost the google cached tutorial (as I didn't write it), so I'll put it in another post - but the link, for as long as it lasts is here
1989 325i

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