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BMW better than VW? Oh HELL YEAH!!!!!!

Btw my taste in cars is balanced more towards business cars so maybe thats why my hatred towards VW cars, since they're mainly focused on younger drivers.

VW Golf looks REALLY GOOD inside no doubt! (The VW Golf previous to the new model that is).

Porsche 911 Turbo

2 of my TOP BEST cars and I do plan on getting both. The porsche will be a drag but as long as I can get a well paid job it should allll be gooood

I'm kinda lost now, dunno WHO 91bmw is talking to. Even if it wasn't to me i'd agree with the person who implied BMW's are better than VW .

Audi can go head to head to BMW but VW just doesn't have that upper class feeling to it. The Audi RS 4 looks awesome too! *drool*

Soo many HOT damn cars dunno which one to go for!
It's all about BMW
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