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Cool stuff...

I got owned by bigger cars lol and a porsche i'd never try racing.

Few weeks ago some black car was behind me and had some sort of emblem type of logo, my friend believes it was a Dodge. I seriously was going for a race with the Dodge but I got owned hard!!!! I didn't even notice it was a Dodge car until AFTER it went way past me and my friend said that was a Dodge.

Gotta love these Drag race cars. I do wonder how I would have done against the Dodge if I had a BMW M3 CSL . Probably would have been at least close to it and not far

It's human nature I guess, it's not really about age but it's about the interest. Those who like to have a drag race will keep doing it until they no longer feel like it or aren't in the mood for it (i.e. too tired).

Just googled up R32 to find out it's a VW Golf. Pitty that it can pack a good speed and better than my BMW. I dunno how many people do this but if you have a Saloon and some hatchback passes you by then it's gotta itch a little?

All I say is let them pass by, they'll all bow down to my M3 CSL and Porsche 911 Sports? ( I forgot the model again)
It's all about BMW
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