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^^OMG they are all so boring I think they are sleeping or something. The other day I went with my mom down to southern AZ and I was on a 2 lane road that had a few passing spots. Traffic got real backed up behind this one guy going 10 under and none of the people would pass him... So I passed them all in one sweep because nobody would let me back in either. It was a total of 5 vehicles, all but one were large pickup trucks, going uphill in a mega-shitty four cylinder Chevrolet Malibu rental car. Then later that day I went up to phoenix with her on I-10. I was going 90-100 with a an IS300 until we came up to some traffic and I got passed it all and he didn't. Seriously though some people just need to learn how to wake up and drive.

Don't get me wrong I don't mean that I think they should all drive exactly like me, which is fast and easy on the car I rarely floor it to get up to speed. They just need to pay more attention and not be stupid.
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