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Raced a Porsche and R32.

so i was int eh city...checking out the Dj Mixer i want to get. Also did some photography.

anyway...coming home. 7.15pm just got off 101 and into the city to go across Van Ness.

I was following a new R32(no plates yet) off of the freeway. I end up behind him..and a new Carrera 4S pulls up next to us. I et behind him from behind the R32 and the light goes green. All three of us...didnt even look at each other...just WOT. Porsche takes off of course...his exhaust is loud as hell..but doesnt pull as hard as i thought he would. R32 is up with me.

We swerve through some traffic for a block or two. We get to a light, R32 is next to me and porsche is in front of me...anotehr car in front of the R32. I tell the R32 hes got a nice car..and off again. POrsche takes off once again.

Were really at it this going like 70..heh, porsche is a few car lenghts ahead in the same lane(im sure he wasnt on it the entire time like i was) and theres a set of rail road tracks, which last time i was in the city i jumpe dmy car on. Did it again this time. Porsche back tires are slightly off the ground, as im sure mine were. ahh..was classic. Tried to keep up with the porsche to no avail...he had the city driving on me..and power of course.

Came to a light with the R32, we talk for a bit, we talk about what a nut case the Porsche driver was..and we go seperate ways.

Gotta love the city.
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