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Originally Posted by dinan540 View Post
Love COD 4. I can't wait for it to come out on the xbox 360. As for Halo 3, love it more than my wife j/k . I can't wait for Mass Effect, Cod 4 and Assassins Creed this winter. It will be a great Chanukah for me since I will buy them for myself since my wife doesn't believe in my videogame obsession.

BTW, Bioshock is unbelievable also if you haven't played it.

COD4 is awesome to bad I suck at it though I played the xbox360 multiplayer beta and got killed 300 times in about 3 hours total playing time i thing :P

Bioshock is pretty cool its only big loosing point is the lack of a death penalty. Hell if you were really motivated or bored you could beat the entire game with the wrench. It would take a hell of a long time but its probably doable. Great game other wise though.

Oh yea and OSX Leopard looks pretty sweet too (posting this from the Mac store in century city). [/offtopic]

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