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"The good old German Bug"

In the proximity to me house is the meeting point of a VW-Tuning-Club. And there are a lot of Bugs with Porsche motors. And I have seen, how a Bug beats a normal Porsche 911 Turbo very easy. The good old Bug is very light, with the right engine and a lot of love itīs a lethality weapon made in Germany.

But I think, thats it isnīt an historic car and a VW. Itīs a so beautiful old car and they change all famouse old parts for these modern shit.

You see Iīam old-school-man. Why? I donīt know! I love the old look, the smell of fuel when you ignite the engine, the sound of an old motor and history of the old cars.

I LOVE BMW 2002 Turbo
""Legends may sleep, but theyīll never die ""
""BMW 2002 Turbo""
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