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yeah, boo. both MS and apple copied this off of Jeff Han from NYU who demoed this at the TED conference in 2006.

the video that smel gave was another one by Han and company.

and microsofts implementation is crappy. When gates was asked if its the same as Han's, he said it isnt because of the technology involved with his stupid table. BOO! gates doesnt get it, its not just the method and hardware involved, its also the concept for which Han has prior art. idiot.

get this, at the D conference, gates said that they wanna do something where you can swing a tennis racket or a bat to play video games and interact with a home entertainment system. sound familiar? sound like a Wii? thats what Walt mossberg (the host) said. gates said no, he means pick up an actual bat or racket. idiot x 2. coz swinging a 34" bat in your living room is a good idea. again, same concept, wrong implementation. tool. and he wants to do it with a buncha cameras positioned in the room. . .

when it comes to microsoft they are behind the times as usual. they are best at stealing things and calling it their own. thats their history and legacy.
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