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Off-Topic Rules

1. No racial or cultural discrimination. Any comment containg a remark that could offend someone will be deleted and you will be hearing from one of us.

2. No name calling -- this ties into the one above. Arguments are fine with me, but if it gets to the point where everyone is calling each other names, that's the end of discussion.

3. NWS (Not Work Safe) material is allowed; as long as you put the NWS tag in the thread title. Failure to do so will be followed by strict disciplinary measures.

4. NWS material is to be limited to PG-13 type pictures (images) of individuals that are over the legal age of 18 that are only tasteful modeling or posing type pictures. For those of you who don't know... that means, no nudity below the bottom bikini line. This also includes, no action, raunchy, distasteful pictures ... if you are in doubt, it probably is against what we believe is "proper" and you should ask an admin or mod. Tasteful will be determined by the administration. Frequency of NWS posts should be limited to occasional posting... excessive NWS will not be allowed. There will no linking to hardcore pornography or anything of that nature.

5. No threads on illegal activities. This includes, but is not limited to, illegal software, illegal music downloads, stolen merchandise, doing drugs, kiddie porn, fake IDs, street racing, bootlegging, hacking, sharing usernames/passwords, etc.

6. No harassment or flaming of new members... or any members for that matter. All members must feel welcomed here especially females.

7. No posting of others private/personal information! This includes phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers and the likeness there of. If you post this information and it is determined that this information is not yours, your account will probably be suspended or permanently removed.

Note: The administration of the site reserves the right to, and at any time, modify those rules and do what we deem necessary to keep the forum clean and enjoyable for all.