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Your Ride: 2001 BMW 325ci
Picture 20: This is a picture under the ignition switch. You can see wher those wires lead to the immobilizer antennea. You will need to purchase an immobilizer bypass (P/N DEI 555B) and will need a spare transponder key for your remote start to work. YOU WILL NEED TO LEAVE THE KEY INSIDE YOUR CAR IN ORDER FOR THE REMOTE START TO WORK. It goes inside the 555B. The 555B has five wires:

Black: attach to black/yellow wire on the immobilizer antennea

Next splice the black white/wire on the immobilizer antennea and:

black/white: attach black/white wire on the 555B on the wire leading to the immobilzer unit

white: Attach the white wire on the 555B to the black/white wire on immobilizer antennae closest to the ignition switch

red: attach to constant 12 volt
Blue: run to status output of your remote starter.

Picture 21: This is a picture of the 555B deep inside the dash. This is where your spare key goes and is safely locked inside.

Picture 22: BAM! There you go. The car is started without a key in the ignition. Now put everything back together.

Please see next post for further notes
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