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Picture 15: Now lets move to the under the steering wheel. To remove the plastic piece you need to push on the smaller pins as seen in the pic. There are two of these. Do this and remove the trim peice.

Picture 16: This is a picture of the wires that are run to the drivers side. See where they come out? Its near the A/C vent.

Picture 17: This is where you make all your remote start connections. The following is a list of connections and wiring colors.

12 volt: red/green and red/blue (depending on your application you might only need to tap into one or these or both)

starter: black/blue (this wire needs to be cut and bypassed by the alarm. Pay special attention to what wire goes closest to the ignition and which goes closest to the starter. This is a must because it prevents the starter from grinding)

Ignition: Green (this powers the A/C controls without cranking)

Accessory: Purple (this powers the stereo and nothing else)

While you are down here, connect the brake shutdown wire. Look at the pedal. There is a box switch box up under the dash. Disconect the harness and attach the brake shut down wire to the brown/white wire leading to the brake light module (sorry no pics).

Picture 18: Next run your tach wire to the diagnostic plug and attach it to the only black wire. This will allow your alarm to read the RPMs of your engine. Without this your car will crank but will not start.

Picture 19: Next lets move to the ignition switch. There are two wires that connect to the ring around the ignition (this is the immobilizer antennea). These wire colors are:


Refer to picture 20 for required connections and accessories.
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