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Picture 11: This picture shows where you will need to run your siren wires. That rubber piece on the fire wall underneath the computer where you make all your connections leads to the engine compartment in that neat little nook in the left of your engine bay. Good place to mount the siren (sorry no pictures). You can also see where I grounded my alarm, on the bolt just to the lower left of the rubber piece.

Picture 12: This is a picture of the alarm accessories. From left to right is the glass break sensor module (P/N DEI 506T), a relay for the trunk release, and the shock sensor.

The relay for the truck release will need to be wired like this:

Pin 30: gray/green wire on 54 pin connector
Pin 85: 12 volt constant
Pin 86: trigger from alarm
Pin 87: 12 volt constant
Pin 87a: NOT USED

Picture 13: This is a picture of the motion sensor (P/N DEI 508D) inside the housing in the middle of the headliner. I ran the wires around the sunroof to the front of the windshield exiting where the rearview mirror is. This is a good place to put the alarm antennea. Run the wires through the pillar into the area of the glove compartment where the alarm is (sorry no pics--it pretty straight forward, not need to remove anything except weather striping around sunroof).

Picture 14: Now lets move to the drivers side of things. Remove the black panel where the dome light is. You will need to remove 3 screws, a plastic screw that attaches the panel to the center console, and a thick plastic pin near the break pedel attached to the fire wall. Before you pull off the peice, disconnect the speaker (if applicable), dome light, and diagonstic plug.
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