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Originally Posted by xsperf View Post
now are those actual replies or are those suggestions that you made? could you possibly tell us of the actual replies and the frequency so we know how urgent one is vs the other?
Kind of 50/50 But I was asked by the people who sent those ideas to me to keep them as mine in a way.

But please, don't focus on what I put up, what i really want to see is what ideas you guys have.....

Originally Posted by nick_318is View Post

I would post even more but with a real job now I'm not able to spend as much time on the site as I used to be. In response to what is listed:
1.I think we have a much friendlier environment then many other sites out there and its not very hard to post.
2. I thought the forums were opened up to everyone except in the members lounge if you cant take the 2 minutes or less to register go someplace else.
3.What's wrong with the edited by info? Sometimes I like to have people be able to see I edited something especially if i was in the wrong or insulted anyone.
4. We have a pretty good selection and why would smileys stop you from posting?
5. Preview of whats coming looks pretty good I will withhold all other comments on it until it is live.
6. See Above.
I always only check the "new posts" link unless I know specifically where something I want is and its the easiest way for me to stay current although I'm probably on the site a lot more then some other members, but the newest stuff is the active stuff.
You know, I appreciate how you went and analyzed my post, but my all point here is, please don't just focus on what little ideas I put up, provide me some feedback, on what YOU think should be done


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Originally Posted by Gregg
Umnitza now provides a mechanic to install all parts ordered right in the box! It's their new "Total customer service program" that will eliminate all the haters and keep incompetents from breaking **** and blaming the vendor! When you are all set simply call INS and they will pick him up free of charge.
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