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Originally Posted by RSF5 View Post
Reset my post count and I'll knife you.

I would post even more but with a real job now I'm not able to spend as much time on the site as I used to be. In response to what is listed:
1.I think we have a much friendlier environment then many other sites out there and its not very hard to post.
2. I thought the forums were opened up to everyone except in the members lounge if you cant take the 2 minutes or less to register go someplace else.
3.What's wrong with the edited by info? Sometimes I like to have people be able to see I edited something especially if i was in the wrong or insulted anyone.
4. We have a pretty good selection and why would smileys stop you from posting?
5. Preview of whats coming looks pretty good I will withhold all other comments on it until it is live.
6. See Above.
I always only check the "new posts" link unless I know specifically where something I want is and its the easiest way for me to stay current although I'm probably on the site a lot more then some other members, but the newest stuff is the active stuff.
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