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Originally Posted by RSF5 View Post
Reset my post count and I'll knife you.

j/k... But seriously. I saw the new layout idea, it looked good. Other than that, I wouldn't open the forum to anyone so they can post without registering, we'd get spammed to hell.
What would you suggest then?

Originally Posted by celsdogg View Post
i thought we were doing well.
We're doing great member wise, but as far as activity goes per member, not too too great.


I am worth $2,010,238 on

Originally Posted by Gregg
Umnitza now provides a mechanic to install all parts ordered right in the box! It's their new "Total customer service program" that will eliminate all the haters and keep incompetents from breaking **** and blaming the vendor! When you are all set simply call INS and they will pick him up free of charge.
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