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3 page paper due

3 page paper due tommorow. im just starting it now and have no idea what im gunna write about. i have o read and review 2 articles i think, i dont know i cant understand this guy. both his speech ( hes Korean) and his syllabus are confusing. well the coffees in the pot. the musics playing and the roomate is MIA. so atleast i can be semi loud and pissy. tommorows gunna suck. class 11-5 work 5-10 then driving home 10-12. the upside fridays gunna be sweet. hopefully seeing this girl ( the one thats too good for me) and hopefully going to the gun show on saturday.

just what hoppy needs huh. girls and guns.
You know your a drunkard if you...
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Originally Posted by RSF5
Well yeah, the BATFE is like the Anti Hoppy.
Well hey, hey Mr. Policeman
Bet I can drive faster than you can
Come on Hoss, let's have some fun
Go on shoot me with your radar gun
You look bored and I sure am
Catch me if you can.
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