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Stupid F'in Liberals

Ya know, it doesn't bother me when people have views different from my own, in fact i welcome it because I love controversial topics, they really make people show their true colors. But what really pisses me off is when you get those ultra liberal college fucks who think they're better than you, and then they start spouting off about all their political views, and when you stop to ask them WHY, they can't answer your fucking question. So it wasn't enough that your parents bought you a shiny new car that you don't know how to drive properly, or that they buy you $250 jeans, or they pay for your $40k a year education, but they also gave you all of your political beliefs (which is fine to some extent because everyon'es views are based to some degree around their parents views) , and you didn't even think to ask WHY you're supposed to fucking think that way? Good fucking Game retard.

So anyways, I was at a friends house last night, and we're drinking (and we all know politics and alcohol don't mix) and the topic turns to the marines in iraq who are being tried for murder for shoot an already wounded civilian who was reaching for his gone. This Dumb fuck liberal (I don't have a problem with liberals, i have problems with liberals who can't back up their views with original thought that hasn't been spoon fed to them) turns and says (he has NO Idea that i'm joining the Navy, and the guy across from me is going into the marines) that they deserve to be convicted for pulling some shit like that.

I'm sorry, but if someone reaches for a gun and I perceive that they're a threat to me, you better believe that i'm putting at least three rounds in him before his fingers even touch that gun.

But this guy doesn't get it. He's like, But its against the law to shoot someone, its called murder. WHAT THE FUCK! What part of the definition of the word war don't these people udnerstand!?!?!?!?1 And I know its not just this moron, i meet countless people that don't understand this concept, including people in Washington who supposedly run this country, that don't get it. Its WAR, people die, there are casualties on both sides, Civilians will die too, its just the nature of the beast, If you can't deal with that, turn off the fucking TV!

I swear, this world needs another general patton. Speaking of General patton, ya know what pisses me off? In both the first gulf war and this war, the United States has captured and protected the Oil fields. Now can someone explain to me why we gave that shit back? I'm sorry, but this whole PC crap isn't working anymore, we don't have to give that shit back, they were a spoil of war. They were soverign (sp?) Us soil when we had them, and they should still be US property today. But thats another rant altogether.

Sorry that that made absolutely no sense, I was trying to remember a train of thought from a drunken night out. Go figure.

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