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^^^ well the cell phone thing is coming to be a new problem.

Because of all the frequencies that are being freed up, early next year there is going to be a bid for the 700Mhz spectrum. Google has rumored intentions to the bid and they suggested that the FCC put in some rules for use of spectrum to the winner. these are basically open standards that allow more freedom to customers and other who offer services. these were open devices, open applications, open access and something else (i forget).

the FCC approved two in their entirety, and a little bit of another and guess who has a problem with it? verizon. verizon has suing the FCC for removal of these requirements.

basically it boils down to the fact that verizon wants to monopolize the spectrum and make the decisions for you as to what applications and devices you are allowed to use. additionally, they do not want to allow fair and reasonable access to the spectrum to those that can offer competitive services.

im so sick of large telecoms. and guess what? to have broadband where i live i have to choose between the two companies i despise most, verizon, and comcast.
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