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Step 5) Clean Up

5a) Tape the 2nd Trigger wire. If you are not using the second trigger wire (wire closest to relay), you should tape it using electrical tape and tuck it away. Make sure to tape up the connector end so that it doesn't accidentally get in contact with the frame of the car.

5b) Zip tie the harness. Using zip ties, secure the harness down along the fender, etc. Make sure no wires come in direct contact with the engine.

5c) (Optional, assuming you made a slit on the rubber boot from steps 2f/g) Silicone the incision area on the rubber boot where the Angel Eye wires were installed. This should prevent any moisture from possibly getting into your headlights.

5d) With the lense still off the headlights, check the Angel Eyes to make sure they are still aligned and in the proper position.

5e) Reinstall your headlight inner bezel but DO NOT snap on the upper outer corner. If you snap it in place it will push the Angel Eye ring too close to your projector housing and possibly interfere with the self leveling adjustments. It will be fine to leave that one corner loose.

5f) Reinstall your headlight lense and trim following the reverse procedures you following for removal.

5g) Using some wire loom, dress up the wires coming from the back of the headlights, the wires from the igniter ballast to the harness, etc.

5h) If you did not mount the igniter boxes from step 3j, mount them now. You do not want those boxes bouncing around when you are driving. :-) I secured mine directly on top of the headlight tucked under the radiator support where you can not see it. See image below.

Step 6) Go out, drive your car, and enjoy your new Angel Eyes!!!

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